"If we lose, we will continue to be the best team in the world. If we win, we will be eternal."  
Pep Guardiola


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Josep Artigalàs Boixareu

about me

My name is Josep Artigalàs Boixareu, born in Manresa on 9 October 1979. Since then I have been collecting tickets for football matches and other things related to FC Barcelona, which has become a passion. Over the years I've been able to observe the great love that exists in the world for collecting sports and it is for this reason that I have proposed to create a website to show what I have been collecting. What I will find here is about FC Barcelona, the greatest passion of my life and of which I have been a member since February 20, 1982. I will be updating the material and organizing it in a way that it will be interesting and easily accessible. I will find entries for FC Barcelona from the following competitions:


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